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Swallows Triathlon - Head Coach Jodie Swallow #triathlonpodcasts #thattriathlonshow #highperformance

The process of pinpointing a coach that will work for you can be a daunting one. What do you prioritise? Experience, qualifications, personality, recommendation?

A good starting point is to listen to a coaches philosophies, personality and manner in given scenarios. That familiarisation will give you a good feel of the type of approach, training knowledge and outlook a coach has.

Jodie and James are asked to go on many podcasts in light of their athletic careers but increasingly the requests have erred on the side of their coaching, opinions of talent coaching and pathways and on female coaching in sport.

Click on the links to listen to Jodie talk triathlon, life and experience in these well hosted, informative resources. If you like what you hear please let the hosts know and similarly, if you are interesting in making us your coaches just mail.

April 2022

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