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 Swim Technical Analysis - Jodie - Price £45 

High-performance Triathlon Coaching
We are no your average triathlon coaches. We have lived triathlon and now we live coaching .  
This is no marketing blurb, no quick formula promise nor bright kit and mass production.
We know what it takes for professional athletes to win and it has never been those things.
If you want a coach who knows the science but puts it in the background of a personal setting and appropriation.  Who can create champions but we prioritize nurturing humans   and who has spent and spends every moment cherishing our sport and what it can bring lives then contact us.  You won't be disappointed. 
Jodie and James 


Online. Bespoke. Specific. No holds barred approach. 

Personal coaching for your ambitious triathlon goals. Tailored to you with unlimited contact with your coach. 

Specifically designed for Professional triathletes, Elite Age Groupers  and Athletes that require complete coaching. 

If you have been referred by a current Swallows Triathlon Athlete please let me know as they and you will receive a 10% discount on fees for the year


Initial consult £60

(discounted off first month if you sign-up)

Elite GOLD- all encompassing bespoke program and communication for performance. 

Monthly £219

 Junior Elite Coaching also available through personal contact 

Mail us on for all enquiries 

When I began my coaching business years ago I had a vision of what my coaching would look like and how I would deliver that coaching to athletes. 

I had a fixed philosophy of 'growth and process' and I believed I could and would coach anybody to improve and excel under my guidance. 

Whilst the holistic and specialist principles still govern my approach to coaching, time has given me better perspective and actuality around my own high performance. 


Swallows Triathlon works best for high performing individuals.  Individuals that strive for better mindset, progressive goal setting and personal development through competitive sport. 

Swallows Triathlon  is the opposite of a buy and do training program.  Can you construct a program using AI ? Yes.  Is it akin to what I deliver ? No - not even close. 

Swallows Triathlon is not the training I once did as a World Champion, adapted to your level. 

The Swallows Triathlon coaching method  is a evolving, growing and interactive model that fits around a unique individual.  I invest a lot of time in learning, educating and qualifications to back up my experience in racing to create better coaching.  

I have no qualms in saying I think some triathlon coaches suck.  Some coaches sell snake oil - there IS NO FORMULA. .  Whilst athletes may have differing success under my coaching, in different circumstances or different bodies.  I can categorically say my coaching doesn't suck because I don't believe it is perfect.  I will work as hard as you at your triathlon career.  

Swallows Triathlon is one of the best investments you will make financially and developmentally in your triathlon career. It will mean more than a bike upgrade or a disk wheel.  It won;t just change your result it will change the way you look at your result. 


Ironman 70.3 World Champion, twice ITU LD Triathlon World Champion, three-time Ironman Champion, 15-times Ironman 70.3 Champion and British Olympian, the pedigree of Jodie's triathlon results are rare to read. Known for her honesty and integrity she combines a lifetime of training experience and sports knowledge with a Sports Science degree from Loughborough University and decades of age group coaching experience.  

  • Sport Science Degree Loughborough

  • British Triathlon Level 3 HPCP

  • Multiple World Champ

  • 3x Ironman and 15x 70.3 Wins

  • 4th IM World Champs - Kona 

  • 20 years Podium Pro Triathlete


Twice top-5 at Ironman World Championships, James is South Africa's best performing long-distance triathlete. 

Over more than ten years as a Pro, he has won multiple titles including the prestigious Challenge Roth title, four Ironman titles, eight Ironman 70.3 titles, Embrunman and the Alpe D'Huez Triathlon, amongst others.

Beginning his triathlon journey as a volunteer at Ironman South Africa whilst completing his Bachelors degree in Human Movement Science, James was soon building experience and knowledge running the successful Triangle Institute triathlon coaching business. 

Now, after many years focusing on his own high performance goals, James returns to coaching, leaning on his extensive experience to foster a sensible, effective and efficient approach to training and racing.  

  • Sport Science Degree

  • Multiple Ironman and 70.3 Wins

  • 2 x Top 5 at Ironman World Champs - Kona 

  • 14 Years a Pro Triathlete

Coaching Philosophy 

'Because of who I was as an athlete, people will come to me for guidance and expertise but ultimately I want to be as great a coach as I was an athlete.  I dedicate time and energy to becoming a better coach every day, just as I did when I raced professionally.  I am as dedicated and passionate about my athletes goals as I am my own.

My knowledge of and background in sports science guides my coaching principles but it is my love and respect of humans that wholly completes the unique fingerprint of Jodie Swallow the coach.  I work with the foundations of an athletes experiences, beliefs and prise out any bottlenecks in the basics that jeopardise forward motion beyond the program. 

The programming is good but it isn't all about the programming.  My coaching is about athlete development both physiologically and psychologically.  Holistic performance coaching.'


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