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Athlete Testimonials 

Our athletes are the centre, the end and the beginning of everything we do as coaches but that is an easy statement to make.  Our athletes all have different experiences with Swallows Triathlon because each of them and how we coach each of them is different.  Some of our athletes live triathlon, some dabble in and out and some just want to complete their challenge.  Their goals and time commitment varies - ours does not.  We only know all in. 

  Hear it from them rather than us.   

Sam Harrington

'When I qualified for Kona I knew I needed a coach myself to help push me to the higher limits and take the 'pressure' off coaching myself.  My focus is on the athletes I coach so having Jodie assist me has been the best decision yet, not only has she managed to plan my program my very busy life with kids etc, but she has pushed me to strengths I thought I could never achieve.

Her weekly check ins and catch ups to reassure me through niggles and motherhood priorities has been a game changer and when I second guess things she has the ablitiy to keep me in check. I have always believed that every athlete needs a coach to guideand assist them but believe that even more so now and yes even a coach needs a coach. Thank you for having my back even when I wanted to give it in at times.'

Sam finished an amazing 6th (40-44) at World Championships 2022 in Kona.  A frustrating penalty at the beginning of the bike took her podium from her but that included 10.21 in the heat of the day was an amazing achievement. 

Patrick Brown

I simply couldn’t have achieved what I did without your skill, care and attention. Your ability to convert your incredible depth of knowledge into the most efficient and effective training session is just unparalleled.  But most importantly, you used your exceptional empathy and understanding of my day to day circumstances to help ensure the best possible progress through the daily chaos and stress that fills my normal days. I can’t thank you enough for your unwavering support and help over the years, I’ve learnt so much and look forward to working with you on my next challenge.

Pat entered Norseman two years ago but because of Covid he only got to start in 2022.  He was after 'a black finishers T-shirt' only awarded to the first 160 racers.  He got his t-shirt and a whole lot more life joy too.  It was a wholly satisfying experience watching someone with such big dreams, chase them, stick with them and achieve them. 

Amy Cuthburtson

'I know it's supposed to be about hte process and not the results, but discovering that the strongest leg from yesterday was the swim is a huge thing for me that I'm incredibly proud of as it represents a lot of blood, sweat and tears and I definitely credit the result to the difference your feedback has made.'

Amy just finished her first Ironman.  Prior to Hamburg she had many a day where she could not contemplate getting into open water.  She almost dropped out of the race many times crippled by fear and anxiety.  She has worked relentlessly to address her demons and absolutely nailed her swim in Hamburg and nailed the race well ahead of her expectations of how it would feel and what would give her the greatest pride. 


Josie Kelly

“ As a newbie to triathlon, being coached by Jodie in the run up to my first Ironman 70.3 made me feel both ready and confident to take on the challenge. Trusting Jodie with this journey was the best decision I ever made - I never expected to make this much progress and even come 3rd in my first standard distance triathlon! Jodie’s ongoing support and feedback has kept me motivated and helped me to keep ticking the boxes. I couldn’t have asked for a better coach to bring me into the sport - thank you Jodie!”

Josie finished her first ever 70.3 in Weymouth in September 2022 in 5.34 an amazing feat from a strength based background with little experience in endurance. She has triathlon goals for the future and has a lot of potential in the sport as she grows in experience. 

"Since starting with you.  My mantra has been consistency over anything else.  There have been times in my triathlon career where I lacked consistency and this time round my goals have been to be as consistent as possible. Almost to the point where I chase the green in Training Peaks.

The why behind is easy...I found you, and you took a chance on me as this unknown amateur athlete.  In addition, I wanted to see what I could do with the right coach and consistent training.  My goal is to prove to myself that I can be fitter and faster even though I am getting older and Ironman Boulder proved exactly that. '

Michael is an amazing person. A South African emmigrated to the States he definitely possesses all the grit and determination of a Saffa with all the opportunity and freedom of an American.  Whilst he is working towards his fastest Ironman in November IM 70.3 Boulder presented a great opportunity to test out the new training regime of structure and feedback.  Michael rolled back 8 years to finish in a very similar time to a decade earlier with a smile on his face.  


Michael Petrie

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