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Great extension and what looks like good timing with hip drive.

From here the right hip should drive down as the left arm sets to catch. 

Alot of splash from kick lets look at width of kick and investigate hip roation 

Sunday 19th May 1-3pm (1 SPACE)

Sunday 19th May 11-1pm (FULL)  

Sunday 7th July 1-3pm (Spaces) 
Bath University - maximum capacity 6

  • Swim and triathlon freestyle clinic with Jodie Swallow 

  • Personal drill development form stroke analysis

  • Poolside footage technique assessment and implimentation  

  • Post clinic feedback, analysis and recommendations for training. 

  • Catered stroke and efficiency development designed to maximise speed with ease 

  • Professional coaching delivery, small numbers and excellent knowledge and judgement of triathlon swimming 

  • Level 3 HPCP BTF qualified, BSc in Sport Science, DBS Enhance check, Ex-International swim background into 20 year Professional triathlete. 

  • £80 per person



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Elbow Collapse 
Rotation propulsion comes from shoulder not elbow 
Wrist above fingers, elbow above wrist, shoulder above all 


Hip timing will sink better once catch holds. Then we can concentrate on driving this hip down. 

Legs splaying to counterbalance slip of right catch.

Once catch held and corrected concentrate on narrow diameter, quick , relaxed kicking from the hip 

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